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We are the manufacturer of Polystyrene Foamboard. We have innovated our technology to produce highest quality POP-BOARD®.

We are …

As a manufacturer of Polystyrene Foamboard (widely used in advertising, graphic arts, stationery, and Picture frame industry), we have innovated our technology to produce highest quality POP-BOARD®, and have pursued Customers' Satisfaction.

The results are entirely satisfactory.

We are grown up (togetherwith the growth of customers who deals with NEOFOAM Foamboards around the world), as one of the leading Foamboard manufacturer fully lined-up from resin extruded Foams to adhesive conversion facilities, all certified by ISO Standard.

Lots of patent rights representing the technologies of our core technologies are the symbol of those.

NEOFOAM owes all those successes to our customers who have supported and encouraged us continuously. We'd like to express our utmost appreciation to them in this letter.

We will continue to listen to customer's needs so we can build the future together, and the innovative spirit in NEOFOAM will forever remain unchanged.

Sending herewith all the best from NEOFOAM.


NEOFOAM's Polystyrene Foamboard Brand Name

We produce over 20 kinds of polystyrene foamboards.
We export our polystyrene foamboards worldwide over 40 nations.
We established the supply chain in each export nation.
If you are want to our products in any nations, we can introduce our distributors or you can be our distributor.


In the future
What is next the NEOFOAM's forward pace?
  • Develop the POP-GOLD and SILVER. Also, Start of production.
  • The NEOFOAM was got a great 30th anniversary.
  • Develop the POP-CANVAS and Start of production and focus on the Digital Direct printing market.
  • Patents of POP-PM and Start of production.
  • Total export value exceeds more than US $7.5 million.
  • Patents of POP-SOL and Start of production for 1,530 size (width) of 20mm (Thickness).
  • Installation of New foamboard machinery and Start of production for 1,530 size (width).
  • Total 15 of Patent Rights against Core Technology for Foamboard Production and Design of Foamboard Machinery were registered in Korean Industrial Property Office (KIPO). <From 1995 to 2009>
  • NEOFOAM's office building was completed.
  • NEOFOAM got a 5 MILLION USD export trophy.
  • NEOFOAM got a 3 MILLION USD export trophy.
  • NEOFOAM got a 1 MILLION USD export trophy.
  • Development and Installation of Foamboard In-Line Laminating System.
  • Change the company name from DongBo industry to NEOFOAM.
1991 ~ 1992
  • Succeed in the Development of Foamboard Processing Facilities with clay coated paper Successfully launched the 1st Export to Japan.
  • POP-BOARD was registered in Korean Industrial Property Office (KIPO), as the Trade-Mark of NEOFOAM Foamboard.
  • NEOFOAM Ltd. was established in Gwangju City, Gyeonggi-do, and began the production of Polystyrene Foamboard.


  • Board of Directors

    • President & CEO

      • Research & Development

      • Overseas Marketing

        • Asia/Oceania
        • Middle Ease
        • Europe/Africa
        • America
      • Domestic Marketing

      • Administrative

      • Production & Logistics

        • Extrusion
        • Conversion
        • Packing/Warehousing
        • Logistics


Old: 192-1 Yangbeol-ri, Opo-eup, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do